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 X-Pipe Features

      The SpinTech X-Pipe increases  flow and power from your pipes

      Specialized shaping enhances exhaust flow, encouraging scavenging and boosting horsepower

      Made from 304 series stainless steel or 16 ga. aluminized steel for durability and corrosion resistance

      SpinTech’s X-Pipe also reduces noise

      Generates better balance between cylinder banks

      The SpinTech’s X-Pipe features weld-on or clamp installation in place of your stock H-pipe crossover section

      2.25", 2.5" , 3" , 3.5”and 4” inlet diameter sizes

      Your SpinTech’s X-Pipe is backed by SpinTech’s product warranty

Discover one of the easiest ways to generate extra power out of your engine. The SpinTech’s X-Pipe replaces traditional H-pipe crossover designs with a more refined section that enhances flow.

The SpinTech’s X-Pipe represents a significant step forward in exhaust design. The secret is the precision-bent and welded pipe angles. With a more wide-open path, the Y- Pipe encourages power-inducing scavenging, and reduces noise levels—the best of both worlds.

SpinTech makes the X-Pipe to last, too. Everything is custom-fabricated for your vehicle from aluminized steel or optional 300 series stainless steel that resists corrosion for years.


Image Name Price
DXM5011...Mustang 2011 5.0 3" X-Pipe DXM5011...Mustang 2011 5.0 3" X-Pipe
DXM5011...Mustang 2011 5.0 3" X-Pipe Clamp in 3" X-Pipe All Mandrel bends no welding Optional: 304 Stain…