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Superior Design

Unlike Any Muffler You Have Ever Seen Or Heard Before

Traditional muffler designs remove sound in two ways: friction and absorption. Friction mufflers (stock type, turbo type, chambered) have high back pressure and can cause extreme high resonance and noise inside the vehicle at certain engine speeds (2000 to 3000 RPM.)

Absorption (packed mufflers) have a straight through design and can good flow, but the packing begins to deteriorate and get louder as they wear out then blow into the atmosphere. The heat is very high in modern engines destroying the packing even quicker.

SpinTech Performance Mufflers’ patented design provides maximum performance for today's modern engines. It’s all done by means of a Spin sound trap, which captures sound vibration (noise) and turns it into heat within the muffler case. As exhaust gases enter they are routed to the spin traps which create a high velocity vortex trapping the sound waves.  The extremely high flow rates are achieved by a unique internal scavenging system that creates a venturi effect.

Developed and fine tuned in the toughest race tracks of America and Australia, our product development continues as "SpinTech Performance" mufflers are gaining more and more followers in the extremely competitive racing areas of Drag Racing, Circle Track Racing, Drifting, Off-Road and Road Racing!

Race officials are frequently requiring mufflers on competition vehicles. More often than not, the 95 DB rule is becoming the norm.

"If it SOUNDS too good to be true, it's SPINTECH!"

SpinTech Performance Mufflers can make the difference between winning and losing!

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