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Race Mufflers

SpinTech Race Mufflers Feel the Power of SpinTech High PerformanceMufflers

Oval/Round: Pro Shoot Out -The Pro Shout Out is just what is sounds like, the purest of the pure racing muffler. This muffler is for all out racing where sound requirements are very liberal. This unique patented muffler is compact and light weight, yet still very effective. This is a Racing Muffler that was designed for areas where decibel levels are 100-105 DBs

Oval: Eliminator - Our pure breed race muffler used extensively in Southwest tour, Craftsman Truck, and Winston West. It’s a proven winner able to meet decibel levels where required. 

Super Stock - Race Quiet- Great for tracks where db levels are 95dbs @ 100'

News Flash !SPINTECH #454-PRO has been approved at KNOXVILLE Raceway!

 "If it SOUNDS too good to be true, it's SPINTECH!"

Muffler Configuration Chart   Oval Tube Size Chart

SpinTech Race Muffler Sound Chart